The most Audacious Economic Solution


With the vast debts built up all over the world and fears of global financial disasters to come, we have one fantastic weapon on our side which overnight would solve all the problems. What could this super weapon be, I hear literally no one ask?

The weapon is simple. The weapon is realizing a simple truth about money in our modern world…its not real. That is it’s not backed by any physical commodity (fiat money). These days its not even paper…most is stored digitally. These vast debts are literally digital!

… and this gives marvelous options.

How would such a weapon be best played? 

The answer again is simple and audacious. The top 5 economic nations (U.S.A, China, Japan, Germany and U.K need to agree to it first and chose a date. It would be best to chose Christmas day and arrange for every nation on earth to have a 3 day public holiday. It is important that all Stock exchanges and banks are closed to business when the weapon is used. This is because the weapon has 3 stages.

At midnight on the 24th December the following is enforced by all nations on future financial matters-

interest rates on debt 2% 

interest rates on credit 1%

inflation 1%

Now comes the main wonder-

At 1 am on Christmas day, all debts are considered paid. This means all debt held anywhere at midnight is now considered paid. If you owed the bank £1000 at midnight, it now says £0 on your internet banking page. If you have a mortgage it is now paid. This is done digitally. Its that simple. Money is digital these days. Its points in a computer game.

The chances are that whilst businesses and individuals all over the world become debt free and indeed wealthy over night, it is also true that the banks will have trillions. Now a massive one off tax is levied on them, leaving them strong and well off, but not ridiculously so. The same is applied to individuals who amass more than 7 billion dollars. That tax is put into the fund. The fund is for the betterment of Humanity and the Planet.

On the 27th when the world reopens for business inflation is locked. The world is now rich.

A period of surrealism enters society until it is realized this this is the new reality.

Much rejoicing ensues…