Mozart 21, 1777 no9.


In the above illustration, each ring contains 1,000 years of human history. It is interesting to see history like this and it would be more interesting to pull forward another few thousand years to see what came next…alas I can not do this, but I can wonder.

Seen in this drawing is how interesting humanity was between 1,000 B.C  and 0 A.D. An early age of enlightenment, the Buddha sitting at peace, the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians thinking, fighting and building wonders in a pagan world.

A pagan Europe rocked by earthquakes and volcanoes. Minds turned to apocalypse, and that fear turned into the Roman Catholic Church (4th century) and Islam (7th century).


On the ring which represents 1,000 AD, you will see Christianity and Islam pointing knives at each others throats….and so the early enlightenment died and its knowledge went underground (the 22 major Arcana of the Tarot Deck are an example of this). The lights went out over Europe until the 16th century and in Arabia until the present day (especially if your a woman).

Then in January 1777, Mozart wrote the 2nd movement (Andantino in C minor) of his 9th Piano Concerto, aged 21 (a magical age of the fool becoming the magi)…and both he and the world could never be the same. The eye in the pyramid freed Europe from the darkness whilst Mozart drew the attention of the gods and the universe (It is my belief Mozart was not just world class, but actually universal class).

For those who may not realize just how good Mozart was, try piano concerto no 21 (a magical age when the fool becomes the magi) 2nd movement, Written in spring 1785.


The  pyramid with the eye is not a symbol of globalization or the defunct Illuminati…it is a symbol of spirituality and of ancient wonders. It is a light in the darkness hinting at great wonders beyond the horizon. The golden age may one day rise again. Om Ah Hum.




(see post The Humans are Revolting ).


the humans are revolting

The age of enlightenment from the mid 18th century was an age of wonder. It gave birth to great art & science and the holy child himself, Mozart, produced the soundtrack. The pope was gently being pushed back to Rome and the old gods of pagan Europe emerged from the longest of nights. It all looked so good as time moved into the splendors of the Victorian age, built in stunning Gothic revival, adding a magical sense of the mystical to reality.

However all did not go to plan as we entered the 20th century. The 3 major, single god man made, religions did not die like they should have. By now we should all be living the pagans midsummer dream…much merriment had by all in the wonders of nature.But no. No, whilst Christianity has calmed itself down, with ever emptying churches, Judaism has its own battles and is now locked in its own painful death dance with the biggest of the wrong religions..Islam.

These three religions share a major thing in common, and its not Abraham. Its a shocking thing if you have not heard it before, but nonetheless, it is true…..all three are complete and utter nonsense. Those who believe them are suckers and indeed mugs. This may seem harsh and unfair, but I promise you, its true. The people who follow it are limiting there view of our incredible universe to a nano-sphere. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all cults. There followers are cult members. So whilst I watch our modern media go on about Islamophobia and such like, I always thing…yes I am, I am  Islamophobic, Judophobic and christophobic because they are all not real things. They are made up babble which has harmed us as a species so much. Viruses. An emotional plague on the minds of humanity.

The age of enlightenment needs to be remembered. We need dancing, drunk, naked in the woods talking to trees…not throwing Gays off towers, banning women from a life, and torturing animals to death.

So all you left wing and right wing twonks out there , remember the above truth when you fight for the cult members rights to abuse our collective reality with there medieval murderous mind monger mumbo jumbo. And to all those poor suffering souls like me, who have to listen to this crap, you are not alone. believe me your not…the dream still has hope!

a savageski revolting