Europa : A space Odyssey



Jupiter’s Moon Europa has fascinated me since I first became aware of it 28 years ago,  experimenting with Psilocybe Semilanceata watching Stanley Kubrick’s & Arthur C Clarke’s mind melting 2001: A Space Odyssey. As you can imagine, this would have a powerful effect on a 17 year old looking for more….. Europa was seeded deeply in my mindscope.

28 years ago I had to go to something called a ‘public library’ to delve deeper into this Moons information sets, up to date data was frustratingly out of my reach  . Today things are different, today we have ‘the cyber’ giving virtually full access to the current available data collected on Europa. Over the proceeding years Europa has not let me down…indeed Europa has not let any of us down.


The easy answer is read the wikipedia page for Europa yourself. Europa has a vast stable chemically rich warm salt water ocean. Indeed an ocean bigger than all Earths oceans combined. For a scientist this makes Europa very very Sexy.


Europa in my opinion has life, and not just microbial life….but aquatic large ‘animals’. This holds the key for perhaps the most interesting question about non earth evolved creatures (astrobiology)…do they have RNA-DNA ? What is their genetic make-up?

It is my opinion that they would have DNA and use genetic coding. Thus proving the evolution of life using DNA is a universal ‘phenomenon’.  Abiogenesis.

I would hope this would push scientists into seeing what the Data has been saying & indeed shouting for years now, namely : the Universe was not started by a random bang.

The universe was not created by a random bang. This discovery changes our view on everything. It would suggest architecture, an architect. This should not be feared, and should not open the doors to religious mumbo jumbo. It would show the universe, as I have always suspected, was designed to be interactive and intelligent. It will play with us. The universe contains all the tools needed to escape it.

We have 3 hopes to finally answer the question of  Astrobiology.

  1. Build a ship and go to other star systems hoping to finds alien life to DNA test…this may take thousands of years.
  2. Hope an alien visits us and allows us to DNA test…this is unlikely as we need to discover this for ourselves.
  3. Hope one of the Moons in our solar system has life…and Europa has my heart.

Europa offers a real possibility of getting this question answered in my lifetime. Alas this still could be over 10 years away.  NASA has been very slow with Europa missions, perhaps for good reason… until the 2016 confirmation of water plumes from Europa’s southern polar region, any mission to Europa’s water ocean would have involved travelling through many kilometers of Ice. This has now completely changed, hopefully NASA will be quick now to make Europa priority One.

We can now test for life on Europa without having to even land on it.

This leads back perhaps to the warning from Arthur C Clarke’s 2010:Odyssey Two~


Indeed the universe does seem to play with us.


nasa europa 

Europa youtube





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